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Reema Nabulsi florida medicare agent associate

About Reema Nabulsi

Reema was born in Dunedin, Florida, raised in the West Bank via Israel and speaks Arabic as well as English. She moved back to the states in 2000 to live with her mother Catherine in North Carolina. Attended high school there and started working for Wendy’s as a crew member part time. Reema was promoted within a year of being there to Assistant Manager. She enjoyed being around people and loved serving them. While working at Wendy’s Reema had a little boy in 2012 Devin Hicks. Then moved back to Florida in 2013 following in her mother’s footsteps she decided to go to insurance school. She fell in love with the business. Enjoys meeting new people and helping them better understand their Medicare needs; she also helps with non-Medicare Insurance. Having the feeling of making someone’s life better or easier is her goal, Insurance can be overwhelming. Let Reema help guide you through your Insurance needs.